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Discover the taste of tea

Taste your way through 60 exceptional teas with our innovative tea tasting subscription, designed to challenge both your taste buds and your grey cells!

Launching soon in the UK.

Discover new teas

Discover new teas

Discover five new teas of exceptional quality every month. They come in sample portions big enough to be enjoyed, but small enough to avoid getting bored.

Learn while sipping

Learn all about your teas with our illustrated tasting notes, and discover what gives each tea its taste with our insightful and colourful learning cards.

Learn while sipping
Test your skills

Test your skills

Give blind tea tasting a shot and see if you've got what it takes to call yourself a tea master.

Develop your palate

Develop your palate

Ideal for both novice and seasoned tea drinkers, our tasting programme has  been designed by a professional tea taster to develop your taste buds.

Tea will never taste the same again.

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