With all the recent noise around teas with added flavours, spiced teas and herbal infusions with seemingly miraculous properties, many seem to have forgotten what real tea is actually all about.

We believe that real tea represents a story waiting to be discovered. Just as is the case with wine, a real tea’s final flavour is never a coincidence but a serendipitous combination of terroir and production skills. And so each cup of tea tells a story; a story that engages our senses as well as our grey cells; a story that allows us to escape from an increasingly noisy, cluttered world into one of stillness and reflection. Beyond that, real tea is a journey and a wonderful catalyst for conversations that can easily go deep into the night.

We also aim to bring more transparency to the tea industry by being as open as possible not only about how a tea has been processed, but also who made a tea. The tea masters are the unsung heroes of the tea industry – we want to celebrate them and their produce.

The Watanabe team at their tea gardenThe Watanabe team at their tea garden in Yakushima


Sourcing premium-grade tea is a complex task that involves ample tasting of teas from different producers and nurturing our valuable relationships.

Where possible, we source our teas directly from the tea growers. This enables us to better trace the origin and obtain a better understanding of the teas. It also translates into a fresher tea experience as we can bypass various middlemen. A leaner supply chain also means that we know where our money goes and that the growers are paid a fair price.

When direct sourcing runs into bureaucratic letdowns, we do our best to work with wholesalers who share our values and who have forged respectful bonds with the tea makers.


Unlike most Italians, Francesco has always been fascinated by tea rather than coffee, but it was only a few years ago, when he moved to Britain, that he began to dig deeper into his passion. 

The more he discovered, the more he realised that so many of tea’s virtues remain underplayed to most people and he decided to change that. After months of studying, tasting, researching and quaffing seemingly endless cups of tea, Francesco became a certified Tea Sommelier, teamed up with a professional Tea Taster and founded Taste for Tea.

Favourite brew? Gui Hua Xiang (Osmanthus Blossom Fragrance) Dancong from China’s Phoenix Mountains

Favourite food pairing? Japanese Bancha with smoked salmon – absolutely sublime!

Join us on an exciting tea tasting journey!