We have created Taste for Tea with one goal in mind: taking you on an exciting tea tasting adventure.



Each month we will explore a new aspect of tea, for example the impact of altitude on tea. This is explained in our easy-to-follow and neatly designed Discovery Cards, which – crucially – always refer back to the teas in your box, allowing you to gradually develop your knowledge of tea and your palate month after month.



Tastings are the most fun part of the programme! The teas in your box have been carefully selected according to the monthly theme. For instance, if the theme is “Altitude”, you will receive teas grown at various altitudes, allowing you to taste what you learned in the Discovery Card.

The accompanying Tasting Notes reveal everything about a tea’s origin,  craft and flavour profile, taking your tasting experience to new levels.


With our subscription options you can easily pause or cancel your subscription at any time at the press of a button ensuring that you get just the right amount of tea for your needs.

Many subscription options

Choose a non-binding monthly subscription, or save money by paying upfront for 3, 6 or 12 months. All our subscriptions are set to auto-renew so you don’t need to worry about running out of tea.

You're in control

Going on holiday? No problem, you can can pause your orders at any time. Or, if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription at the press of a button. It’s that simple.

Through-the-door delivery

Delivery across the UK is free of charge and with our mailbox-friendly packaging (except the first box) you won’t need to waste any time waiting for the postman.


How much tea and how many different teas are in each box?

Regardless of what subscription package you choose, each box contains 80 grams of tea, split between four teas (20g each).

That’s enough for 32-90 cups of tea, depending on the teas.

I’m new to tea. Is your subscription suitable for me?

Our tea tasting programme has been designed for people new to tea or who drink tea regularly but don’t know much about it. Whilst we do go into much detail about how a tea is produced and what elements impact its taste, we did our best to avoid using jargon and keep things lighthearted. 

What countries do you currently ship to?

At the moment we only ship to the United Kingdom but you’ll definitely hear from us if we start delivering to other countries.

What kind of teas will you send me?

You can expect to receive all types of tea: White, Green, Yellow, Oolong, Black and Dark (Puerh) – strictly in loose leaf format. Bar four exceptions, all our teas are pure – no flavours added, and in many cases organic.

For more questions please visit our FAQ page.